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About me

I am a senior computer professional in Finland.

I have had my fingers on computer keyboards over four decades. I received master's degree in computer science from the University of Helsinki. I am working at the National Institute for Health and Welfare. I have experience both as a developer and as a manager.

I am interested in information technology – programming, databases, data modeling, front end, back end, middle tier, user interface, software architecture, enterprise architecture, data management, information management, technical infrastructure as well as service management and project management.

In private life I am married to the mother of our three sons now in their twenties.

As of November 2019 I am partially retired. That is, for the time being I am working three days a week and enjoy long weekends.

I welcome you to follow this blog, follow me in Twitter (as @msrjksk) or perhaps in some other social media.

I may write about other aspects of life, too. Sometimes in Finnish, depending on the subject.

Thanks for reading.

Updated November 17, 2019: Added note on partial retirement.