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Language issues – Kielikysymyksiä

I would like this blog's user interface to be multilingual and localized according to the users current locale. In my case, I wish to support at least Finnish and English.

Unforturnately, at the moment Ghost themes support only one language at a time, and the language is selected by the blog's maintainer for all readers.

I have now changed the default language on this blog to Finnish – mainly to see how my translations work. I hope non-Finnish speaking readers don't mind. The translation file itself will soon be available in Github.

Perhaps, at some later time, the user interface will adjust according to the users' preferences.

I know there are quite many technical details encountered when localizing with multiple languages and locales. I will hopefully be updating this article when I make some progress in that regard.

Thanks for reading. Kiitos kun luit.

Update on April 8, 2018:

The Finnish translation (my contribution) is now included in theme WorldCasper2 which you can find from GitHub.

Update on May 5, 2018:

Since Swedish is the other official language in Finland, I also added the Swedish translation into the WorldCasper2 theme. Feel free to report errors, should you find some. Tack.